I Wanna Be A Rockstar video & single

Posted by Kyle on January 29, 2018 News | | No comments

For the best part of 2017, the Grand Old Uke of York embarked on a project that took in 4 continents and many different countries across the globe, putting together our own version of the hit music video “Rockstar” by Nickleback. The video stars all members of your favourite ukulele band, the Grand Old Uke of York, friends and family of the band, and some awesome people we’ve met along the way.

Recording the track at Dr Shakamoto’s in Leeds, Rockstar released over the Christmas period on all platforms and local radio stations, accompanied by the music video on Facebook and Youtube.

You can purchase the track over on our website (link) for 99p, and the video is below for your viewing delight (well, until you see Tim in the bath…!).