Project “Status Go”

Posted by Kyle on January 28, 2018 News | | No comments

I was in the recording studio once again with the Grand Old Uke of York earlier in the week, recording a music video for a project we’re codenaming “Status Go”. It involved a drum track (that we’re not used to!), lots of smiling, and a fogger machine that jammed open and covered the band in a heavy mist. We’ve had worse days!

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Raising money for St Leonards Hospice, all profits will go towards helping people with life-limiting illnesses. We are part of a group of 30 teams aiming to raise as much money as possible within 30 days, starting with just £30! We’re looking for help from other bands and groups whether it’s a school band, rock band, brass band, marching band, hip-hop group, a choir, are a singer-songwriter, or anything else musical, to record themselves rocking it out to “Rocking All Over The World” by Status Quo.

We’ll take a 30 second clip from each entry and make a cracking music video to accompany the track, aiming to get as high up the charts as we can, and raise as much money and awareness for St Leonards Hospice in the process.

Your reward? Besides international stardom, acclaim, and the warm fuzzy feeling of helping those in need, you could win an entire day at a professional recording studio in Leeds with Dr Shakamoto’s!

All details are on the Grand Old Uke of York website – visit “Project Status Go” NOW and get ready to sign up and be a rockstar!