That Day I Was In The Daily Mail…

Posted by Kyle on January 23, 2018 News | | No comments

On the odd occasion that someone says “I heard you on the radio today…”, you do hope it was good news! Certainly, you would want to be playing music or have a gig or album promoted, and not the centre of a “Trump” Twitter storm or suchlike.

I was reminded that posting on Twitter means that anyone can view what you post, and some media outlets love to collate those messages and feature them in an article for more people to see around the world… such as the dreaded Daily Mail.

A message came through on my phone from a school friend as I stood in a queue at Lidl. Not the ideal place to learn you’ve been included in an article on a right-wing website.

Thankfully the only crime committed would be the mis-spelling of my name. I wasn’t ridiculed or held up on a plinth to fit some propaganda piece, though I wasn’t asked if I wanted to feature, either.

Still, I tried to get a bit of promotion over as I rode the wave…!